Acne Pimple Master Patch


If you’re a fan of COSRX’s original Acne Pimple Master Patch, you’re going to want to add this variety to your collection. The patches have the same protective and healing properties as the original patches, but with an oval shape to cover larger pimples or multiple at once. They feature flexible edges to fully adhere to the curved areas of your skin, such as the jaw or hairline. Plus, the patches are infused with soothing centella asiatica extract to reduce inflammation and calm irritated blemishes. Each pack comes with 26 hydrocolloid patches in three different sizes. 

This product is vegan and cruelty free, and free of parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrance, color, animal products, alcohol, essential oils and silicone.

How To Use

After cleansing, apply a patch onto dry skin where needed.


Carboxymethylcellulose sodium, Polyisobutene, Rosin, Polybutene, Mineral oil, Centella Asiatica Extract, Polyuethane film

26 Patches / Bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
So good

Ok we need to talk about COSRX acne patchs! I don’t have acne but like everyone I have spots sometimes! I bought this in case and I used it this past weekend. I just couldn’t believe it! In maybe 2 hours I saw that the patch was white, so as it is said, I took it off. The spot had all the white sebum at the surface! Usually it takes several days to get there! It’s unbelievable! I had another one that was getting ready to come out, and it never happened with the patch! The patch even made it disappear the little I saw! I highly recommend it!!!!

I love it

It really works and it's really cheap. I love it. Whenever I have a pimple I just put a pimple patch on it and leave it overnight and the pimple disappears.

Works like magic!

It really does kill any pimples, when instructions are followed. My skin has always been clearer the next morning after using it. Cannot recommend these patches enough!

cosrx acne pimple master patch

You might think that all pimple patches are the same but trust me, they aren’t. I have tried some from Nexcare and random ones from Asia. The Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch is by far the best pimple patch. Unlike the other pimple patches, the Cosrx pimple patches really stick to your face. Most of the time when I use other brands of pimple patches I would wake up to find out my pimple patch has fallen off. BUT when I use the Cosrx pimple patch it would still be on my face. Even when I had to wash my face the patch would be still on my face. Def recommend!

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