The Magic Glow Co is a multi-faced, design-centered business specializing in all interiors.

Things like your home, your belongings, and the spaces you stay, all contribute to who you are as a person and we want to be a part of every step you take until you create the home you need for the life you want.



Allow us to help you create the home you need for the life you want. Get a personalized experience without a long waiting time. Every part is tailored for your needs. 



With The Magic Glow Co, you get the full service. Since it's an online solution we start with a consultation or you can fill out our style assessment form. Then for the project, we will ask for the requirements such as the existing floor plan with measurements, a quick walkthrough video of the space, and a few well-lit photos.



Create a tranquil space for taking some “you” time. Don’t forget to set the scene and make your space a sanctuary by lighting some incense and candles. There’s no rush – this is your time to put productivity aside, focus on yourself and fully relax. Shop for a selection of wellness, gadgets, and sexual health products.



We love engaging with our community! Join us to learn what has worked for others and gain the knowledge you need to have for a dream home!

Help others with your opinion, comments, and suggestions, because they are important not just for us but for others as well.