The Magic Glow Co is an emerging Korean skin care and beauty online shop based in Europe. We work directly with every single brand to ensure you're getting freshly-made products straight from the source as it is important to us what you put on your skin.



The purpose of Magic Glow Co is to inspire and help you to develop the right skin care habits. Because we know that skin care is a personal journey that develops with you and changes at different stages of your life - influenced by your environment, your age, your skin type and many other internal and external influencing factors. The way to achieve healthy skin is to learn what works for you and take on positive skin habits. We're here to guide you through the process and make it fun for you!



Taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up, since your skin is 90% of your selfie. We believe in the skin first philosophy - which is the basis of Korean skin care, instead of covering up skin issues with makeup, it's best to treat the root cause before it even starts.



We know that in order to be worthy of testing, products must be backed up by trustworthy information and should be from a reliable source. With that in mind, everything you find at The Magic Glow Co has been tested and hand-selected by our founder Alexandra and the Magic Glow team. We pick the highest quality Korean beauty products that will give you results.



There is life after skincare routines. Create a tranquil space for taking some “you” time. Don’t forget to set the scene and make your space a sanctuary by lighting some incense and candles. There’s no rush – this is your time to put productivity aside, focus on yourself and fully relax. Shop for a selection of wellness, gadgets, and sexual health products.



We love engaging with our community! Join us to learn what has worked for others and gain the knowledge you need to have confidence in your skin!  Help others with your opinion, comments and suggestions, because they are important not just for us but for others as well.