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Are you a social media ninja or mega babe blogger with a large number of followers? Or you are just have an average following?

We provide possibility to increase not only the number of your followers but your incomes too. Sign up is easy and free to The Magic Glow Co Affiliates and you can earn commission on orders made with your personalized discount code on The Magic Glow Co.

Why join our program?

  • Free and easy to join.
  • We provide every data, links, creative assets and brand imagery
  • 6% commission on all orders made from clicking the Nanushka banner or link on your website, excluding shipping, taxes and returns.
  • 30 days tracking cookie

How does it work?

You will be given a 20% (storewide) discount code. This code is for you to share with all your friends and followers, we will give you 5% commission on each order generated. The personalized code is what you will promote on your Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or YouTube.

On top of the 20% personalized code, you will receive a 40% ambassador code so you can choose products and make an order.

We encourage high-quality pictures in fresh & bright environments, crisp close-ups of our products it is also highly appreciated. If you provide us with nice pictures & content it usually results in a featured post & story on our Instagram (@themagicglowco) We value the creativity that diversity of thought brings.

Notice: Do not share the Ambassador Code under any circumstances. The code is strictly personal - all abuses will be forced with further actions.

Do you have question about the program? Don’t hesitate to contact us now at

Looking forward to working with you!