The secret garden of Mamonde.

Mamonde Garden is located just outside of Seoul, where they grow their own flowers and botanicals at the heart of all Mamonde skincare. From bud to blossom, Mamonde specialists carefully study what makes flowers nature’s most beautiful force, revealing the secrets hidden in the flowers, and unveiling ever more tantalizing secrets about flowers they never imagined. They believe flowers hold the most potent of all plant energies, as they open and close, bloom and recede, in harmony with the rhythms of nature.

Powerful and explosive life energy is needed in order for a small seed to grow and blossom into a beautiful flower.

Mamonde Garden studies the ecological mechanism in which flowers protect themselves from the external environment and elevate their nutritional status to the highest in time for blossoming, and reveals the hidden benefits and secrets of flowers.

The flower species that grow in the Mamonde Garden provide rich inspiration to the people of Mamonde. Their delicate petals and intoxicating aromas, endless color choices, and everything else we see and feel in growing flowers give Mamonde energy on the journey to find the exact solutions that will unveil every woman’s beauty. From the brilliant gold and silver Honeysuckle to the vibrant red Camellia and the iconic Damascus Rose through the wisdom of their flowers, they hope to be the flowers of beauty.


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